Work Upside Down: open call for interactive artistic projects that explore the future of work

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Centrul Cultural Clujean (The Cluj Cultural Center) launches the project Work Upside Down to which invites the artists interested in imagining the future of work. There will be selected 10 artistic proposals that explore the theme and that will be financed to up to EUR 6.500 de euro each.

Through Work Upside Down, activity part of the project Cluj Future of Work financed by the European Regional Development Fund through Urban Innovative Actions, it is desired the creation of public conversations, accessible to the big public and mediated through artistic experiences, on the theme of the future of work. How will the work rituals transform in a strong automated eco-system? How will the workplaces look? What abilities one could develop in order to adapt the requests for a new work environment? These are just some questions that the artists can take in account for creating artistic micro-universes.

Rarița Zbranca, program director at the Cluj Cultural Center, co-curator Work Upside Down, said:

In order to handle the inevitable changes and uncertainty we need, as individuals, to look into the future and to make space in our minds for the multiple possibilities and scenarios about the future of the work. The imagination and the capacity of telling captivating stories are qualities exercised with excellence by the artists. Therefore, we invite the artists to create fictional contexts that will allow us to exercise the future and to therefore have the liberty of modelling it.   

The artists are invited to imagine the future of work through inter-disciplinary works or through visual arts, media arts, show arts, music, literature, etc. There are encouraged the interactive formats and /or immersive ones and the innovative approaches, such as narrative installations, sensorial experiences, role play, fictional objects design, time capsules.

The artistic works developed in the project will be presented during an exhibition organized in Cluj-Napoca, between October 1st– November 30th 2021.

The call is addressed to all Romanian and European artists. Works can be entered until March 2021, by completing an online form accessible on the website

Cluj Future of Work is a project initiated by Cluj-Napoca Urban Innovation Division, created by the Cluj Cultural Center in partnership with the Civic Innovation and Imagination Center part of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall.