Cheeky cyber security campaign makes fun of the really bad passwords of Sweden.

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SSF is Sweden’s largest organization working against cybercrime. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself from cybercrime is to have a strong password. Unfortunately it seems the Swedish people haven’t realized this. According to a list of leaked passwords, the most common passwords in Sweden are bad. Like, really bad. In more ways than one. 

Solely based on the data from the list of the most common passwords in Sweden, SSF in collaboration with agency Åkestam Holst NoA created a cheeky billboard campaign asking the Swedish people to get themselves better passwords. Because Swedish passwords are shit. Literally. 

The past few weeks commuters all over Sweden were faced with billboards stating “Your password is shit.” (“shit” is the 16th most common password in Sweden), “123456 reasons to change your password” (most common) and “Don’t trust mom with your secrets” (11th most common). 

The campaign ran on billboards and print all over Sweden in January. 


  • SSF


Åkestam Holst NoA

  • Simon Lublin, copywriter
  • Martin Noreby, art director
  • Joakim Khoury, art cirector
  • Magnus Jakobsson, CCO NoA
  • Maria von Holst, client director
  • Bella Lagerquist, account manager
  • Frida Norén, strategist
  • Jenny Kaiser, business director
  • Anna Forsberg, Formgivare Produktionsbolag, BKRY NoA


  • BKRY NoA 

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