Cresta Awards 2021 launches with ‘bespoke’ service to winners

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The Cresta Awards 2021 includes a unique commitment to give all winners personalized promotional support.

As part of its response to the pressures brought by the pandemic, Cresta will support entrants with bespoke consultation on their winners, developing dedicated coverage of achievements in its online journal, providing the content to share, while promoting the information extensively.

Lewis Blackwell, CEO Cresta

“Even more than usual, creative businesses need to ensure their reputations are building and that clients know the outstanding contribution they can make,”

“The long list of awards can be overwhelming, meaning winners and their achievements often get lost. This project offers winners a platform year-round, helping promote their business and build their reputation.”

Alan Page, President of Cresta

“We aim to give a bespoke service, to support creative businesses by with feeding the right communications out at the right time. We want people to appreciate that when they enter Cresta and win, they get a long-term engagement with us to help them build their reputation.”

“Much of our communications work will begin when others stop… that is, after we announce the winners. Then we develop the stories behind the work, or inside the creative cultures, and to help feed out the information that can further drive up appreciation of creativity and what it takes to achieve the highest standards. We give our entrants something that can really help build their creative profile.”

Despite the effects of the pandemic, Cresta is investing more heavily in expanding its services, growing its journal and related feeds, with an aim to directly support the industry.

Page added: “We must do our part to help the industry through the economic challenges brought about by the Covid-19 crisis. Last year we stood out by being one of the very few awards that was prepared to go completely free to enter. We had a terrific response worldwide. This year we need fee income but we have a generous reduction in place for entrants if they commit early… and the entrants can still change those entries right up to the closing date.”

“If we work together, we can make this a great year to achieve more, even when budgets are so challenged.”

Cresta exists to inspire, recognise and reward great creativity in communication. The 2021 Cresta Awards call for entries is now open until 20 July. Winners are announced in September 2021.

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