New Dacia Spring, the electric revolution. Exclusive for everyone.

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After having revolutionized the entry-level automotive market with Logan, Sandero, then the SUV segment with DUSTER, Dacia is now redefining the all-essential electric vehicle with the New Dacia Spring

Agile, robust, spacious, and equipped with a 100% fully electrified engine with an autonomy of 230 km WLTP (305 km for city driving), Dacia Spring unveils a new era: electric mobility accessible to everyone. Dacia Spring will be the most affordable electric car in the European market.

To commemorate the arrival of a new model with a catchy name, DACIA, naturally chose the first day of Spring to open pre-orders online starting from the 20th of March 2021 – Spring is coming! 

Because you can be essential while remaining fun, Dacia and Publicis Conseil created a campaign that is vibrant in colour yet staying in-line with the brand’s philosophy of offering accessible cars to everyone, with all the essentials. 

The campaign was filmed in Madrid by James F. Coton, featuring a reorchestration of ‘Mad World’ setting the stage with two parallel and opposing universes side-by-side and without judgment: a universe of hyper-exclusivity and one of inclusivity with Dacia. 

This message is encapsulated with ‘Some things should be accessible to everyone. Just like electric cars’ alongside the campaign slogan ‘New Dacia Spring. 100% Electric. Exclusive for Everyone’. Further highlighting the car’s accessibility. 

Queueing up to buy a pair of ultra-limited-edition sneakers, entering a club through the ‘VIP’ entrance, or even buying a pair of designer earphones with a hefty price tag, Dacia presents itself as an alternative for people searching for the essential at the best price. 

This campaign shakes up once again the codes and positions Dacia definitively as the troublemaker of the automobile market. As the brand that offers, quite simply, all of the essentials. 

A complete 360 launch, with a focus on digital media, will be rolled out starting from the 18th of March. 

This campaign will be on-air simultaneously on the 20th of March, the first day of Spring, across all the markets that offers Dacia Spring. 

Dacia – Client team

Xavier Martinet, Valérie Candeiller, Giovanni Costa, Mattieu Rater

Publicis Conseil – Agency team

  • President overseeing creativity: Marco Venturelli
  • Creative Directors: Romulus Petcan et Gabriel Gherca
  • Art Director: Corentin Salignat
  • Copywriter: Guillaume Sabbagh
  • Agency producer: Sophie Megrous 
  • Agency account leads: Laurent Duvivier, Victor Maier, Andrea Lassort, Mathilde Lacour 


  • Director: James F. Coton
  • Production company: Phantasm
  • Producer: Gary Farkas
  • Prodigious Co-President: Christopher Thiery
  • Post-production (Prodigious): Jean-Philippe Tapia
  • Sound Production (Prodigious): Carsten Krueger
  • Business Affairs (Prodigious): Camille Masse, Jeanne Duclos, Kamilla Boussouf


  • Title: Mad World
  • Composer/Singer: Roland Orzabal
  • Editions: BMG Rights Management (France) S.A.R.L. (SACEM) obo BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited (PRS / MCPS) obo Roland Orzabal Limited (NS)

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