How to boost a startup in 2021

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Getting your name out there as a business isn’t as easy as creating a website and building the social media channels to go with it. You need to be committed to a good strategy that will help you to reach the people you want to attract, and this means constantly revising and adapting as you go. Many startups are desperate to get their names out there, and most know that with the right influencer or shareable post, they could go viral. Going viral doesn’t necessarily mean long-term success, but it can definitely be a big help in the short term. Here’s what a startup needs to go viral in 2021 and beyond.

Work On Your Content 

Content is still king, and the right type of content can help you to go viral overnight. It usually isn’t the content that has been specifically created to go viral that has the biggest impact, though. The content that works best is the kind that has been carefully designed to help people. This is why tips and hacks are so popular. Having various content strategies and platforms will help you to see what works best. TikTok is a platform that many businesses can use to post short, informative videos. People love to share these videos because they are helpful and concise. However, that doesn’t mean longer YouTube videos no longer work! 

Be An Inclusive Brand

Many people now look for inclusive brands, as this is a value that many hold dear. Making sure you address things like language barriers, and that your content is accessible to all can help. For example, simple things like adding subtitles to your videos will ensure they are accessible to all. 

Partner With Influencers 

Working with influencers is a wonderful way to help build your brand and potentially go viral, but you must make sure that the influencers you approach are in perfect alignment with your brand. It’s not about who has the most followers. Remember that influencers don’t work for free, either, and be prepared to offer them fair payment for their time. 

Make People Your Focus 

Tech can be a huge help when you want results, but making sure your business offers a personalized service can go a long way. People like to feel special, and when your business is customer-focused, they will be able to tell the difference. Using emotion in your brand voice will help you to resonate with more people and ensure they connect to your brand. Continuously look for ways to improve your service, too, whether that’s working with a reputable customs broker or simply investing in better product packaging. All of these little things make a difference. 

Keep Your Focus On Scaling 

If you’re going to go viral, you must be prepared for success. If you went viral tonight and you were not prepared, would this impact you negatively? If so, how? Going viral may not be the answer if you couldn’t actually handle it. When you keep your focus on scaling, you will be prepared for whatever happens. 

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