Nooka Space, the network of smart and flexible proximity offices, to launch in Romania

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The Irish start-up Nooka Space launches the revolutionary concept of smart and flexible proximity offices on the Romanian market, with the purpose of offering a new and safe work alternative to people who work from home or in a hybrid mix of office and remote work.

Born in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes taking place in the global labor market, the Nooka Space concept proposes a smart, flexible and efficient way of working, by creating a network of hi-tech proximity offices, fully equipped and secure, which can be rented through a mobile application at affordable costs.

Smart and compact, Nooka Space offices are designed to work as a network of micro-offices, located close to their users, and can be easily transported to the desired location, due to their size, mobility and functionality.

Sergiu Băbășan, Country Manager Nooka Space România:

“The massive transition to remote work during the pandemic has been a necessity for most companies at the global level, but many of them want to continue with some form of remote work even after the pandemic. We have noticed that long-term work from home can also bring quite a few disadvantages, which are already felt by employees: lack of an adequate workspace, frequent interruptions, decreased productivity and, finally, the impossibility of separating personal space from the professional one. Based on a subscription, companies have the opportunity to offer employees a much safer and more efficient work alternative, by placing such mobile offices in the vicinity of their homes”

The Nooka Space business model offers options for renting, purchasing and sharing revenue, thus contributing to the concept of flexible spaces, which allow users to manage and customize their own working conditions in a simple and convenient way.

Bogdan Burciu, Concept Designer, Nooka Space

“The design of Nooka offices was thought to offer privacy and security in the pandemic context, aspects that best describe today the needs of a person who wishes to carry out their professional activity efficiently. We tried to integrate in an innovative way the functionalities and logistical resources necessary for an office with state-of-the-art technologies, in order to ensure a more intimate, comfortable and accessible work environment” .

Nooka Space positions itself as a complementary business in the office market and addresses several customer segments: people who work remotely and need their own personalized workspace, entrepreneurs, private companies, real estate developers, and even local authorities who can set up proximity offices for city dwellers in order to reduce traffic and pollution.

Nooka Space offices are “plug and play” type spaces, equipped with over 15 smart sensors, which allow users to manage them efficiently, directly from the mobile app. Entrance access, heating, air quality monitoring, lighting, payments and reservations can be intelligently controlled, while the air purifier and UV-C lights are especially designed to disinfect the space and maintain the highest sanitary standards.

In addition to intelligent space management systems, Nooka offices are equipped with state-of-the-art furniture and accessories, including adjustable electric work desks, ergonomic chairs and videoconferencing kits.

Nooka flexible offices can be rented at prices that range between 299 and 599 euros/month, depending on the chosen model and configurations, after paying an initial advance of 1000 euros.

Nooka Space currently has two office models, differentiated according to size, namely Nooka One, recommended for those who want an individual, one-person space, and Nooka Two, adapted for two workstations. If they want to earn extra income, those who own a Nooka office can sublet it when they are not using it, on a weekly, daily or hourly basis.

Transport and installation are free throughout the European Union, and the personalization of any Nooka model can be done in a maximum of two hours. All the company’s production and technology facilities are located in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

Nooka Space is the start-up that developed the first concept of smart and flexible proximity offices in the world. The story of Nooka began in Ireland in 2020, continues in the European Union in 2021 and plans to reach the United States in 2022, from a desire to rewrite the definition of the workspace and help build the offices of the future: smarter, more accessible, more flexible, more intimate and more environmentally friendly. Nooka compact offices can be rented and subleased at affordable costs, helping to build a Nooka community based on creativity and collaboration.