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Atlantic, the market leader in thermal comfort solutions, unveils its new brand platform: “Atlantic. We feel good in your home”.  The first collaboration between the brand and its new agency Ogilvy Paris talks to us about comfort with humor and lightness.

A communication territory based on well-being.

When we think of well-being at home, we often think of the comfort of a sofa or a bed, the luminosity or the decoration. But rarely our heating or air conditioning system. However, studies show that thermal discomfort is the number one complaint of housing in France (barometer Qualitel/Ipsos 2020). With this in mind, Atlantic, the French leader in thermal solutions, has decided to evolve its brand platform with a major objective: to make the French aware that a well-equipped house is the assurance of feeling good at home. And who better than a leader like Atlantic to ensure this comfort? A platform that is expressed through a new brand signature: “Atlantic. We feel good in your home.”

It always feels good to be in a home equipped by Atlantic. The beginning of a saga.

To illustrate this new positioning, the brand, accompanied by its new agency Ogilvy Paris, is launching a new saga, unconventional, that shakes up the codes of the category. Using somewhat exaggerated situations, the campaign demonstrates through absurdity how good one always feels in a home equipped by Atlantic



  • Presidents: Matthieu Elkaim & Emmanuel Ferry
  • Chief Creative Officer: Matthieu Elkaim
  • Creative Directors: Régis Boulanger & Romain Repellin
  • Art Director: Julien Bon
  • Copywriter: Victor Chevalier
  • TV Producer: Barthélémy de Champsavin
  • Account: Hubert d’Arrouzat, Amandine Lesselingue


  • Director: Cloé Bailly


  • Xavier de Cuverville
  • Laure Lamoure Cottenceau
  • Solenne Tellier

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