Miele ‘Shot on Oven’: A Campaign Where Every Line is Baked and Photographed Inside a Miele Generation 7000 Oven

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Serviceplan Russia creates a unique new campaign for Miele featuring food baked with messages of love, captured by Miele’s unique Food View function. In a world first, the campaign was photographed inside an oven, using the new Miele Oven Food View function. 

Quarantine has separated us from our loved ones for a long time, and we sure all have a lot of feelings we want to express. Texting isn’t enough, everyone’s tired of Zoom and sending mail is old school. When the global pandemic confined people to their homes during lockdown, people found solace in traditional activities including cooking and baking. In response to this new found love for cooking at home, and in a bid to showcase the new Miele Oven FoodView function,  Miele and Serviceplan Russia came up with something new.

The home appliance company invited food bloggers to turn their heartwarming messages into delicious dishes. 5 bloggers with real touching stories about their loved ones came to Miele’s showroom to work with a professional chef who helped them with individual designs. Chicken, meringues, vegetables, cookies and other ingredients were used to create unique lettering. 94 hours of designers’ work and 236 hours of food tests were completed before the final dishes were ready, as original cooking techniques had to be used, some of them even had to be invented.

The messages were not only baked inside Miele’s Generation 7000 ovens – they were shot inside them. Generation 7000 ovens have a unique FoodView function – a camera connected to your smartphone that lets you see your food, take pictures of it and control the temperature. This gave the campaign a unique angle that all of its materials were shot from. And there were many – from posters to a full building-size billboard.

There is a real story behind every message. Bloggers shared the words they wanted to tell their loved ones during quarantine. Miele released videos where they cook and tell about the emotions they were going through, and they quickly got a lot of positive feedback online.

Learn all the stories shared by Miele and Serviceplan Russia by checking out #miele_foodview.  Look it up on Facebook or Instagram if you are interested in how food can become advertising.

Serviceplan Russia Executive Creative Director Evgenia Arabkina commented:

“This project is based on Übercreative principles of integration – new technology, true stories of different people and excellent art direction. Thanks to the unique feature of Miele ovens we give new value to photos, and new meaning to food, turning it into messages that come from the heart of real people and…the heart of an oven.”