Interac frames real-life moments of togetherness with living holiday billboards

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As Canadians reunite this holiday season, Interac – one of Canada’s most trusted financial services brands that facilitates debit and electronic money transfers –  is taking a different approach to out-of-home for its HolidayLife campaign, part of its InLife™ platform. Ten-foot-tall see-through billboards in Vancouver and Montreal give both local and social media audiences a window into the HolidayLife of Canadians this season. In addition, large see-through point of purchase posters in Toronto and Montreal frame life through small business windows, which viewers can witness coming back to life after all the lockdowns. 

At the Vancouver Christmas Market, the out-of-home looks through to the HolidayLife Carousel, where Interac is covering the cost of  carousel rides while raising funds for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. In Quebec, the out-of-home installation sits next to the HolidayLife Fire Pit at Noël Montréal, where Interac is providing guests with a cozy place to connect with loved ones and warm up over a treat, with proceeds going to Make-a-Wish and Project 10. The program is an extension of the Interac holiday campaign and InLife™ platform, which demonstrates how Interac products can help Canadians get more out of life by giving them more control over how they spend their money.

To give audiences across the country a glimpse into these real-life moments, the frames and window posters were filmed using time lapse footage and amplified on Facebook and Instagram.

“Rather than adding another brand message to the out-of-home mix, we decided to use our platform to encourage Canadians to take a moment to think about how they may be spending their HolidayLife this year. Interac is ever-present in the lives of many Canadians, and we take pride in facilitating holiday moments like the ones we’re showcasing,” said Andrea Danovitch, AVP, Marketing and Brand at Interac Corp.

The series concept was created by long-time agency partner Zulu Alpha Kilo. Proof Strategies executed the builds and installations. Media Experts managed the small business partnerships with Eat it Up Media. 

“After almost two years of looking at virtual versions of ourselves on screens, we wanted to celebrate the beauty of togetherness and real life in Canada over the holidays, which Interac plays a part in,” said Wain Choi, Executive Creative Director, Zulu Alpha Kilo. “We kept our message simple, featuring the headline ‘HolidayLife’ and our brand tagline, InLife, letting the eye-catching visuals of people living their lives through our window be our focus.”


  • Client: Interac Corp.
  • Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
  • Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh       
  • Executive Creative Director: Wain Choi
  • Creative Director: Vic Bath, Dan Cummings 
  • Art Director: Marilyn Maitland, Duncan Porter
  • Writer: Jane Murray
  • Clients: Andrea Danovitch, Matt Houghton, Leslie Vera, Meghan Jeffery
  • Strategy Team: Spencer MacEachern
  • Account Team: Alyssa Guttman, Kara Oddi
  • Media Experts: Keaton Dale
  • Proof Strategies: Madison Holton, Janna Paterson, Kelly Power, Lorne Cooperberg
  • Sponsorship & PR Team: Daria Hill, James Monaghan, Adrienne Vaughan, Peter Seney
  • Producer: Laura Dubcovsky, Heather Hyland
  • Director of Photography: Adam Griffith, Paul van den Boom, Nathan Skillen
  • Production House: Zulubot
  • Line Producer: Lauren Schell
  • Editor: Max Lawlor

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