Second Consulting Book From PR Pro Roger Darnell Shares Proven Blueprint for Successful Self-Employment

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Accomplished author and communications consultant Roger Darnell has extremely high hopes for his second book, “The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan,” set for publication Dec. 21 from leading global publisher Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group. Books can now be pre-ordered on the author’s site, where readers can also register for VIP updates, book giveaways, exclusives, and worthwhile buzz.

“Since 2000, I’ve operated a small and mighty business, emphasizing extraordinary customer service for my clients, and committing to my own personal development over time,” Darnell began. “The results have been much greater and more rewarding than I ever imagined, even during a pandemic. By directly sharing lessons and key insights from my business, I hope to equip others with similar interests to soar.”

The author’s companion “The Communications Consultant’s Foundation” book, released in September, aims to help everyone understand the key components of business success, and put them to work, personally. With “Master Plan,” the focus expands.

Going beyond the basics of a communications consulting business, this book parses and distills the knowledge of top business management luminaries, helping readers build and expand their expertise to heighten their opportunities, and maximize all aspects and phases of their businesses, from start-up all the way through to succession.

• Part I: The business of running a PR agency, with step-by-step workflows for establishing solid client engagements, and honing expertise to remain exceptional

• Part II: Advanced PR practices including investor relations and strategic planning

• Part III: Agency expansion, addressing growth, exit strategies, and milestone achievements

Working PR professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and recent graduates will appreciate inside knowledge and trade secrets from a seasoned business owner, as well as contract language, templates for proposals, campaign planning documents, and more. Read with “Foundation” or on its own, this book will lead readers on life-changing journeys and help a new generation of smart communicators take their professional pursuits to the highest levels.

Roger Darnell is an author, communications consultant, publisher, and speaker. Already central to billions of positive media impressions worldwide, his ambitious collaborations with entrepreneurs and media luminaries continue soaring to new heights.

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