Builders Club and Anomaly, campaign for Bvlgari’s ‘Le Gemme’ Men fragrance

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Creative production company Builders Club, agency Anomaly and luxury brand Bulgari launch a campaign for the release of the new Le Gemme Men’s fragrance collection.

London based creative production company, Builders Club, alongside Anomaly, and Italian luxury brand, Bvlgari, launch a new campaign introducing the Le Gemme fragrance collection celebrating the perfumes’ ornamental design & gemstone worlds through a rich, sensorial journey of discovery akin to the Gem Roads.

Anomaly and Bulgari brought Builders Club on board to create a series of films for their new collection of fragrances which consist of six scents inspired by six different gemstones; Tygar, Ambero, Onekh, Gyan, Falkar, and Orom. Builders Club created immersive scenes that took you on a luxurious sensory journey through each of the gemstone’s unique worlds. These worlds are reinterpreted in a way that’s inspired by the riches of the earth and celebrate nature’s most exquisite gems and yet are ethereal, much like the fragrances.

The films purposefully rotate around six centred fragrances to emphasise the monolithic importance of the bottles which are art in their own right.

The film starts with Tygar, a citrus based fragrance inspired by the jungle, the spice garden of India, and grapefruit. Next the viewer is taken on a journey through Falkar; the scent that embodies the Brazilian rainforest with a natural deep richness and black musk notes. Each theme is unique and different to the last as you continue to move through the fragrances; Gyan, Onekh and Ambero. The last scent is Orom with a labradorite gemstone on the lid, boasting notes of vanilla and oud and based in a dark mountainous environment. Finally the camera pans across each of the bottle tops showing the vibrant precious olfactive jewels.

Builders Club created a 70” CG animated film to showcase all of the six worlds and created multiple stand alone cut downs consisting of 30”, 15” and 8” for each individual scent.

Alongside the hero edit and cut downs, the production studio also created multiple high end stills to be used across Bulgari’s socials and website. All the visuals are rich and luxurious and beautifully lit; as the camera glides through the scenes it creates an almost surreal journey for the viewer – seemingly as though you are moving through a dream world.

Lauren Egen, Senior Producer at Builders Club commented:

We were briefed to create high end, mystical worlds that felt strange but always with a sense of reality – never alien. Tackling this with CGI we used its ability to make the impossible possible by marrying nature and surrealism to create premium yet edgy landscapes with otherworldly sensations.

By building environments based on real locations with true elements, we juxtaposed reality with dream-like lighting and colors plus surreal animations and materials to wink at the otherworldly at play. It was important that this feeling twinkled rather than overtly presented itself to hone the mystery of this journey.

Unique to each scent, our six sublime environments used these twinkles to unveil the hero gems and ingredients in captivating ways – emphasizing the nature of discovery. Paired with the music, the interplay of image and sound create a truly mystical atmosphere that emotively moves you from one world to the other.

The tone and aesthetics perfectly encompass the balance of premium vs contemporary and real vs surreal in a fresh unseen way; something that is synonymous with Builders Club and extremely exciting to create for a historically renowned brand such as Bvlgari.”


Bvlgari : Client

Anomaly : Agency

Anomaly Creatives : Sammy Jo Jenkins & James Springall

Builders Club : Production Company, Direction, Design, Animation

James Kelly : Music Composition & Sound Design

Grade : Tom Mangham at Black Kite

Builders Club is a London-based creative studio founded by film director Jonas Hegi and motion designer Julien Simshauser. Rethinking conventional directorial ideas of where an image ends, we unify real and artificial elements seamlessly. Driven by technology – we explore artistic possibilities, tell stories and create experiences.

Bvlgari is an Italian luxury brand known for its jewellery, watches, fragrances, accessories, and leather goods. Currently part of the LVMH Group, Bvlgari was founded in Epirus, Greece, in 1884 by the silversmith Sotirios Boulgaris. Bvlgari now stands as one of the most well known luxury brands around the world with nearly 300 stores worldwide and in 2001 expanded into the hotels industry setting up Bulgari Hotels & Resorts in a joint venture with Marriott International.