Uncle Grey creates Copyrighter to enable creators to take digital ownership of their images and videos

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IndieFrame, digital distribution platform enabling photographers and video producers to contact and sell content directly to media, is launching Copyrighter – a tool allowing content creators to take digital ownership of their images and videos and track their content internet-wide.  

For the thousands of individual content creators now producing quality content and making a livelihood from it, protecting the rights to their content – rights that, all too often when content is reused without credit or payment, are not respected – has never been more important.

According to estimates, from more than 3 billion pieces of content which are uploaded every day, more than 85% get stolen.

To address this problem, IndieFrame set out to find a way to enable content creators –a notoriously hard-to-reach target group – to take digital ownership of their content and track it across the internet. Its aim was to lead the fight against misuse of creators’ content and to help get them the rightful credit.

The groundbreaking solution – Copyrighter, devised by Uncle Grey – is a platform that functions as a watchdog. 

When a creator uploads content to Copyrighter, a code is embedded in it using a patented steganographic process with an encryption key to decode it, allowing the creator to track it online. This watermark is unremovable by design and cannot be reverse engineered. So it still detects images and videos after compression, cropping, scaling and even if content is made into a screenshot. 

Once a user has uploaded their image or video to the Copyrighter database, the engine tracks images and videos across millions of websites and alerts the user if an asset is uploaded online. This ensures content creators get paid and / or rightful credit, which helps reduce the theft of content worldwide.

Copyrighter is free to use. To access a premium version with unlimited uploads, however, users must sign up.

Cecilia Valsted & Lars Brask, founders of IndieFrame, said:

“With Copyrighter, we want to help independent content creators get easier and more transparent ownership of their content. It has the potential be a game changer for content creators ensuring the right payment, credit or partnership can find a place.” 

Clara Prior-Knock, creative director at Uncle Grey, added:

“We love it when a piece of innovation becomes more than a campaign and turns into a business idea, making a real impact for people in the real world.” 


IndieFrame Founders: Cecilia Valsted & Lars Brask 

Uncle Grey

  • Creative Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer Lars Samuelsen
  • Creative Directors Clara Prior-Knock & Andreas Hoff
  • Worldwide Chief Creative Officer Javier Campopiano
  • Chief Operating Officer Charlotte Porsager
  • Executive Design Director Lars Dyhr
  • Digital Director Kasper Nielsen
  • Editor & Motion Graphic Artist Thorbjørn Fessel
  • Editor & motion Graphics Ronni Selovuo
  • Senior Designer Adam Bloch
  • Designer Fie Mortensen

IndieFrame is an independent digital distribution platform that brings the content creator and media together founded in 2016 by Cecilia Valsted and Lars Brask, two experienced documentary filmmakers on a quest to create a more diverse and democratic news flow in local and international media. In a time when the power of the media is rapidly changing and propaganda and alternative facts are spreading, its aim is to create a more authentic and democratic media image inspired by the people’s perspective. 

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