Leads.io unites Social Blue, AWM Network, Boiler Guide Ltd. & Klik Proces under one brand

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Leads.io, the fast-growing, technology-driven lead generation agency, announced a group-wide rebranding, repositioning its four companies – which previously operated independently – into a single ‘unitary brand’ identity.

Group-wide rebrand

The Leads.io brand was announced in October after the acquisition of AWM Network, followed by the addition of Boiler Guide and Klik Proces, respectively, in February and March. Social Blue was already part of the group and will join the other three brands as Leads.io on July 1st. With this name change, we are creating a brand that is entirely in line with the broadening of services that have arisen in recent years.

Leads.io will continue to provide a scalable source of high-quality leads for business owners in various industries, including healthcare, home services, renewable energy, and subscription services.

Tim Roemer, CEO:

“Today, we are taking a big step forward by presenting Leads.io as one company. We couldn’t be happier to merge our talents and unique mix of paid and organic pay-for-results-only lead generation tools into one company moving forward. We aim to further expand Leads.io over the coming years through organic growth and a focused buy and build strategy. We are confident that our company culture centred around customer satisfaction, our focus on doing great work, and our loyalty to serving our business partners will live happily under one roof and reach our goal to become the global leader in lead generation.”

New visual identity

Social Blue, Boiler Guide, AWM Network, and Klik Proces brands will be umbrellaed under a new brand identity: Leads.io. The new visual identity comprises a custom infinity symbol using three capital letters, ‘L’, representing an infinite flow of leads executed by the united forces of all services in the Leads.io group. The chosen colours figure energy, passion, expertise, and ambition – all essential components of the success the company seeks to achieve.

Leads.io provides a one-stop shop for companies looking for a scalable source of leads to grow their business. The group, composed of 240 specialists across 11 offices in 9 countries, specializes in generating performance-based, high-quality leads through different online marketing channels. These include Google, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Native, Display, Pinterest, TikTok, NextDoor, and owned marketplaces such as GreenMatch, Boiler Guide, and Market-Inspector. Leads.io serves customers worldwide with offices in the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.