„Something good awaits you” – the latest McDonald’s brand platform, launched by DDB Romania

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DDB Romania signs the newest McDonald’s brand platform, accompanied by an extensive communication campaign. “Something good awaits you” has two main components: a Brand Manifesto and an Employer branding campaign, addressed to potential and future employees of the famous brand.

McDonald’s Romania has always been a benchmark both in terms of quality standards, food safety procedures and the way it builds teams and supports young employees to develop professionally. Also, the brand has always been a landmark for the consumer: “See you at Mec at Unirii” – a line that often marks the walks through the center. Beyond that, “Something good awaits you” marks the assumption of a new mission of development and constant improvement of the brand.

For McDonald’s, progress is a goal and the idea of ​​being better is a must in the relationship with customers. From new procedures to a growing number of local providers, to sustainability projects to holding families together in support of the Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation, the future looks good and wants to move beyond the present. A brand statement in direct coordination with the brand positioning constantly shown in its campaigns, based on optimism and confidence.

“In a taste driven market, McDonald’s not only stops at the tasty burgers for which it is well known, but also constantly develops on other levels that build the health of a business: care for product quality, support of local suppliers, compliance and exceeding all standards in force, the concern for innovation – new products, ingredients and recipes, for new customer tastes, concern and attention to employees and their needs. The campaign we are just launching focuses on all these aspects that underlie the way we choose to do our job every day. These are details that are perhaps less seen in our activity, but which we are proud of and which we want to share with our consumers,” explained Irina Angelescu, Marketing Director – Premier Restaurants Romania.

Thus, ” Something good awaits you” is the next step of the brand in its vision and marks a new chapter in its development.

After „The Great Reset” of the last two years, Edelman Trust Barometer shows us how much responsibility lays on the brands’ shoulders: 61% of the global consumers believe businesses are the most credible institutions.

“A visit to McDonald’s can give you an optimistic view of the culture that is forming around restaurants. From the way people interact with each other, to the fact that only McDonald’s employees might not smile at you. At high school kids who feel free enough to do their homework in the afternoon, as well as they can get into random dance battles in the restaurant yard. Beyond the brand, the communication platform Something good is waiting for you is also about the way in which consumers live the experiences in relation to the McDonald’s brand,” said Ioana Dobrinescu, Strategy Director of DDB Romania.

“We are glad that we managed to create a new image campaign in Romania for the already iconic McDonald’s brand, reminding people of all the #CevaBuns they meet once they cross the threshold of restaurants. The collaborations with BRUJA and Vlad Flueraru, two young artists, in full ascent on the Romanian music scene, helped us to anchor the campaign even more in contemporary and to be relevant in the pop-culture area,” says Roxana Niță, Creative Director of DDB Romania.

The collaboration with artists in the music industry is a premiere for McDonald’s. Through a spoken poetry technique, the message about the brand comes from the artists. WITCH is already known to the young people McDonald’s believes in. Vlad Flueraru is a rising star and we believe that “Something good” is waiting for us from him.

“According to the same Edelman Trust Barometer study from 2022, 60% of people active in the labor market choose their employer according to their common values ​​and principles, which is why, to break the vicious cycle between” I cannot get a job because I do not have experience” and “I have no experience because no one hires me ”, McDonald’s Romania comes to the aid of young people and shows them why they are in the company’s values”, said Georgiana Rotaru, Account Director of DDB Romania.

And that’s because McDonald’s has a culture that values ​​young people, considering that enthusiasm and desire to learn compensate for any lack of experience. This is seen every day in restaurants, because 44% of McDonald’s employees are under 25 years old.

Thus, the employer branding campaign declares the commitment that McDonald’s has for young people in Romania, one that is seen through the flexible program, the scholarships granted and the program through which employees are encouraged to complete their high school studies. A commitment that in this campaign is dramatized by “crushing” some myths related to the new generation, each negative attribute of the community perception being accompanied by a positive and disarming attribute.


DDB Romania

Account Director: Georgiana Rotaru

Senior Account Manager: Carmen Răduță

Strategy Director: Ioana Dobrinescu

Strategic Planner: Georgiana Nica

Creative Director: Roxana Niță

Senior Copywriter: Alexandru Iliescu

Senior Art Director: Ana-Ramona Tanasă

Graphic Designer: Adrian Simion

McDonald’s Romania

Marketing Director: Irina Angelescu

Marketing Manager: Alexandra Todirică

Senior Marketing Coordinator: Ioana Bibiță

Digital Marketing Manager: Cosmina Ţapliuc

Communications Manager: Elena Goți

Production House: Multi Media Est

Director: Tom Wilson

Producer: Adrian Smeu

DOP: Bogdan Filip

Editor: Ioan Grumazescu

Colorization: Andu Radu

Post production: Delia Dobrescu

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