Romanian Business Consult partners with Tailent and delivers software robots for business optimization

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From supply chain management to sales analysis, retail is one of the strategic industries most challenged by market dynamics, and especially in recent years, it is under immense pressure in terms of internal resources, both human and material. The retail industry needs the most effective digitization and automation solutions adapted to the current reality.

Romanian Business Consult (RBC), with 31 years of experience in the retail market, a solid base of detailed knowledge of implemented automation solutions, and an overall understanding of business processes, makes the natural transition to expanding its technological portfolio. RBC aims to deliver software robots that meet the needs and provide solutions for challenges that previous technologies have failed to meet to date.

Thus, starting this year, RBC will include in their portfolio Tailent Automation Platform (TAP™) and enters into a strategic partnership with the company Tailent to jointly provide retailers with digital employees that free up people from repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on core activities or provide added-value business support to the operational flow.

Tailent Automation Platform is an innovative tool for automating operational processes. Tailent robots help retail companies to be more agile, to be able to quickly respond to market requests such as opening new sales channels (courier, delivery, convenience stores), optimizing supply chain management, negotiating contracts, or finding new suppliers, operations that traditionally are generating an increased need for resources.

Digital employees are faithful assistants to their human counterparts, taking care of tedious repetitive work, and creating a more relaxed work environment focused on creativity and productivity.

“Our strategic partnership with Tailent directly addresses the need to streamline operational processes, reduce resource requirements and increase work speed. Using software bots makes this possible because they can take over the pressure of the high volume of transactional activities, and repetitive tasks and free up employees, who now have the opportunity to focus on value-added activities, such as the customer buying experience. All the know-how accumulated by RBC over 31 years now helps us to implement and adapt Tailent technology for our clients with the highest level of professionalism,” said Bogdan Gross, Director of Innovation & Consulting at RBC.

“We are very happy about the partnership with Romanian Business Consult. Retail is a key industry in the economy that needs optimization every day, and Tailent robots represent a digital workforce that takes the hard work from the back-office of companies and transforms it into productivity, cost reduction and new business opportunities based on the expertise of people freed from redundant and repetitive tasks.

Our collaboration is already bearing fruit, one of the most important retailers in Romania is already using Tailent robots developed by RBC to optimize business flows. We found at RBC a strong, professional team with whom we have many synergies, with relevant expertise in key industries. Together we are building in the first step the affordable and easy access of Romanian retail companies to our RPA technology,” added Mario Popescu, Co-Founder & CEO Tailent.

About Romanian Business Consult

For 31 years, RBC has been the leading provider and integrator of IT solutions for retail and also the trusted partner for companies in areas such as the food industry, logistics, distribution and industrial production, who want to optimize their businesses by improving the IT systems they work with and of technological processes in the company. RBC participated in the opening of the first modern retail store in Romania and since then has remained the main provider of solutions dedicated to retail. RBC has more than 50 experienced consultants and specialists who can design complex flows for retailers and their consumers.

About Tailent

Tailent is a Romanian start-up focused on the development of innovative automation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which change the way people work, do business and help companies achieve their automation goals. Tailent offers an alternative closer to customer expectations, faster and more convenient through the Tailent Automation Platform (TAP) solution.