Italmark and AUGE present Extinction, in an integrated communication campaign to launch of the first room scent that saves the environment

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Italmark, a supermarket chain born in Brescia and strongly connected with its territory, has presented Extinction – the first environmental perfume at risk of extinction: an innovative project of sustainability that takes the form of an exclusive room scent recreating the fragrances of the flowers and plants at risk of extinction situated in Monte Baldo, mountain chain rising above the Italian regions Veneto – Trentino Alto Adige and Lombardy. The project was conceived by Italmark together with AUGE, an independent multi-service creative agency.

Extinction is the first room scent that recreates the fragrances of the flowers and plants of Monte Baldo, a mountain group located in the area of Prelati Gardesane, also known as the Garden of Europe, because it is the home of 40% of Italian alpine flora and boasts the richest floristic biodiversity in Europe. A natural heritage increasingly threatened by climate change, which Italmark project aims to support.

The initiative was created with the purpose of publicizing the beauty and importance of the Monte Baldo ecosystem by bringing the scent of the flowers and plants that characterize its natural environment into people’s homes.

The perfume was created under the patronage of the World Biodiversity Association and thanks to the collaboration between the botanists of the Monte Baldo Botanical Garden, who selected more than 20 species among the most representative and endangered flowers and plants, and a fragrance specialist, who conducted olfactory research to learn about their properties and recreate their essences in the laboratory, precisely to avoid damaging the flora of Monte Baldo.

Monte Baldo Anemone, Daphne, Christmas Rose and Orange are some of the essences that Extinction reproduces and that succeed in restoring the authentic scent of Monte Baldo to enclosed places, while contributing to its preservation.

Italmark has always been strongly linked to the territory and is committed to promote environmental protection through a series of activities aimed at limiting food waste, raising awareness of zero-waste by reusing packaging and materials, promoting renewable energies, and limiting the use of paper and ink in favor of digital shopping leaflets. Among the ongoing projects, besides Extinction, there is the collaboration with Natura Viva Park to build nesting boxes for barn owls and the creation of an Italmark forest with 10.400 trees planted in developing countries in collaboration with Treedom.

By purchasing a bottle of Extinction, you will be able to contribute to Italmark’s donation to the Monte Baldo Botanical Garden, the organization that protects the flowers and plants of the mountain group and that will use the funds raised to activate projects to protect nature from climate change.

For the launch of the perfume, AUGE agency created an integrated communication campaign, starting with a poster campaign planned around Italmark shops with five different subjects. The perfume’s packaging and label were designed ad hoc by the designers of AUGE Design.

Exclusively presented at Futura Expo 2022, one of the most important sustainability fairs in Italy, Extinction is available for purchase in all Italmark outlets.