Customer Care Conference & Expo to see how industry can be more customized with human touch

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Conference Arena, member Marketing Insiders Group, organizes the 18th edition of „Customer Care Conference & Expo”, on May 17-18, at Pentagon Events in Bucharest.

Besides controversies and risks affirmed at international level, the accelerated impact of AI and Chat GPT represent the most discussed subjects in business strategic meetings, as businesses invest more and more in revolutionary tech, and customer care industry is the most exposed to major operational changes in a blink of an eye. Moreover, customer care specialists are living with the fear that some of their jobs will be automated or replaced by AI and the incertitude affects both companies and clients

While tech advances at unprecedented speeds, Customer Experience community is facing challenge after challenge, both from tech and legislative perspective

Organizational transformation continues for Customer care companies and all try to see how to offer clients more, more customized, without completely robotize the interactions and how top build authentic relations in an ultra-tech workd.

According to different studies of the market, clients satisfaction will raise by 23% in organizations using AI, using chatbots can reduce the assistance costs by up to 30%; presently, only 23% of customer service providers use AI, but 80% include a chatbot in their customer experience strategy.

Most people (68%) appreciate the answering speed of a chatbot, but 60% prefer to talk live with a customer care agent, while the same number is worried that chatbots cannot understand or figure out correctly their questions and demands.

„Customer Care Conference & Expo” 2023 is focused on „Human Touch During Artificial Intelligence Times” and will reunite brands and top professionals from multiple industries. At the end of the conference, the 14th edition of „Romanian Contact Center Awards” gala will take place.

Madalina Vilau, Customer Experience Advisor, Managing Director Marketing Insiders Group, Fondator Romanian Contact Center Awards

Intelligence and emotion will never function one without the other, this is the paradox of the tech innovation in the customer experience world. Though it evolved amazingly, AI is still at an embryo phase when it comes of human-robot interaction. Clients will always choose empathy despite the speed of chatbots, but AI benefits for operational efficiency of the customer care departments are really remarkable. We have many interesting things to discuss this year at Customer Care Conference and Expo. We are living historical times and, despite provocation, such times are coming with extremely valuable opportunities for the leaders in the field

Romanian Contact Center Awards was judged by a jury comprising leaders that are inspiring and shaping generations of professionals, among which Andreea Szilagyi, Ph.D. | Leadership Coach, Career Counselor, University Lecturer – Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Mădălina Vilău | CX Advisor, Romanian Contact Center Awards & Enlightening Leadership School Founder, Managing Director – Marketing Insiders Group, Cătălin Vasile | Business Leader, Chief Sales Officer – NN Romania, Mădălina Uceanu | Senior HR & Executive Search Consultant, Managing Partner – Career Advisor, Raluca Păduraru | Business Development Leader, CX Business Consultant – Marketing Insiders Group.

 „Customer Care Conference & Expo” 2023 is supported by Mediatel Data, as Platinum Partner and strategic support from Mystery Shopping Agency, Future Station and Conference Arena, and from Reps Mate, Geomant, TCN, Intrarom si Genesys as Supporting Partners.