ARTmania Festival announces a partnership with the Astra Museum in Sibiu

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The Astra Museum, famous for the open-air Museum in Dumbrava Sibiului, is a top destination for those passionate about traditional Romanian history and culture. During the Artmania festival, the Astra Museum will host a series of engaging activities and workshops, designed to provide an authentic and interactive experience to visitors of all ages.

For the little ones, the Astra Museum will organize special activities and workshops as part of the museum’s summer education program entitled “School in the traditional village”. Children will have the opportunity to participate in beekeeping, pottery and ceramic modeling workshops, as well as to discover the secrets of milling and making mill bags. Also, the interactive theater “The Exploits of Pacală and Tândală” offers moments full of fun and delight.

For young people and adults, the “Shirt. The Elegance of Clothing” reveals the story of the traditional Romanian shirt, a symbol of identity and elegance. At the same time, the multimodal exhibition circuit “ASTRA VR” offers a fascinating virtual experience, allowing visitors to explore the life of the inhabitants of the Siberian villages a century ago. Also, the event “Frumos. Useful Ceramic. A different kind of potters’ fair” brings together talented potters from all over the country and Hungary, offering the public the opportunity to admire and purchase special pots and ceramics.

In addition to these activities, the Astra Museum will offer thematic routes through which visitors can discover cultural diversity and enjoy the Anima ASTRA program, which animates the open-air Museum households through interactive workshops. Traditional gastronomy will also be present, through culinary delights prepared according to authentic recipes, alongside local producers and tastings in the central area of ​​the museum, at the Country Fair.

ARTmania Festival and the Astra Museum invite you to join this unique partnership between music and cultural heritage. Through this collaboration, they want to offer the public a complete experience that combines contemporary musical art with our cultural values ​​and traditions.

All those who purchased tickets to the ARTmania Festival will have free access to the activities within the Astra Museum.

For additional information on the activities and events held within the ARTmania Festival and the Astra Museum, please visit the following web pages: Facebook page of the Astra Sibiu Museum:], the official website of the Astra Sibiu Museum and on the ARTmania Festival website.

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