24pay and Cognition introduce the new brand ambassador for the 24pay app: Sir Pay-a-Lot, the knight of secure and fast payments, is now the ally of Romanians’ finances


The collaboration between 24pay and Cognition begun this spring, with winning the pitch for the strategy, concept, and implementation of the 2023 image campaign, as well as for the tactical campaigns that shall be run for the 24pay app during the following period.

Cognition’s proposed approach included creating and promoting a brand ambassador that would personify all the attributes the 24pay users, irrespective of their age, are looking for in such an app.

Sir Pay-a-Lot is the character chosen to represent 24pay: a knight as representative of the app’s loyalty and reliability, guaranteeing the security of the payments solutions, as well as the ongoing support, all of which ultimately leading to an easier management of personal finances.

The communication campaign includes, in the first stage, launching a dedicated landing page, redesigning the website www.24pay.ro, as well as an integrated media and content campaign on Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, which in the following months will be supplemented by a series of tactical campaigns on the existing channels as well as new ones, such as TikTok, alongside involving influencers.

Claudia Archip, Managing Partner Cognition.

“There are projects that you can just “feel” from the first moment. Projects which, by their intrinsic potential, can enthusiastically mobilize an entire team’s capacity for analysis, synthesis, strategy, and creativity, from the second you finished reading the RFP. This is the power of a professionally written and well documented brief, like the one we received from the 24pay team. Based on the Client’s professional maturity and the Agency’s specialized expertise, these projects take shape naturally, efficiently, and productively, thanks to the convergence of the common visions that can look deep into the future. We are happy and proud to say “Welcome” alongside us to the wonderful 24pay team, for a long-term partnership whose success is already foreshadowed by an excellent start of the collaboration”

Utku Ogrendil, CEO PayPoint and 24pay.

„Sir Pay-a-Lot is the character that convinced us from the first instant, as it includes everything that the 24pay brand wishes to deliver: safety, trust, knowledge, power, initiative. Cognition’s creative proposal perfectly answered our brief and the strategy and proposed mix of channels and tools made the choice easier. And, not lastly, we appreciated the dynamism, enthusiasm, and proactivity of the team, from the briefing day and through the implementation process. We are extremely excited to see how Sir Pay-a-Lot will gain more and more popularity and, of course, to rejoice for the campaign results”

24pay is a mobile app that allows direct payment from the phone, after enrolling a bank card, whether they be utilities payments (electricity, mobile phone etc), paying for public transportation or parking fees, RCA insurance, or even donations, alongside many other included services and benefits. Payments are secure and all transactions are made by means of an authorized payment processor. Thanks to the Mastercard/Visa technology, the 24pay app is already used by more than 1.300.000 Romanians and can be downloaded for free from the App Store, Google Play or App Gallery.

The Cognition team involved in the project:

  • Claudia Archip – Managing Partner
  • Maria Zvenigorodschi – Digital Account Manager
  • Florentin Dumitru – Digital Designer
  • Rareș Antemir – Copywriter
  • Florentina Botezatu – Junior Copywriter
  • Flavius Drăgan – Head of DEV
  • George Pîrlog – Media Specialist

Cognition is the digital agency within the Godmother group and the sole Romanian agency part of the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association.