Artmania Festival brings Norwegian culture and cinema to Sibiu

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Artmania Festival, one of the most anticipated events cultural events of the summer in Romania, brings an exceptional cinematic experience to the heart of Sibiu. One of the main attractions of the festival will be the set-up film screening area in the picturesque Huet Square.

This iconic location will be transformed into an open-air cinema, where viewers will be able to enjoy three outstanding films on offer by the Royal Embassy of Norway in Romania, through the Norwegian Film Institute.

The three films chosen for screening are:

1,”Los Bando” – A film full of adventure and music, “Los Bando” tells the story of a Norwegian teenage music band that embarks on a road trip unexpected. While traveling across the country in an old bus, the young discover friendship, passion for music and the power to overcome obstacles. IMDB:

2. “Tongue Cutters” – A captivating documentary that explores the tradition of the ancients trades of a small Norwegian village. The film follows a community of cutters of fish tongue, a job rarely found nowadays. With impressive pictures and moving stories, this film offers a unique perspective on a tradition handed down from generation to generation.

3. “Beware of the Children” – A thrilling thriller that reveals the struggle of a Norwegian family confronted with an insufficiently functional protection system. IMDB:

These three remarkable films bring the audience in Sibiu a window into the culture and contemporary Norwegian cinema. With varied themes and exciting perspectives, each film makes a unique contribution and provides a memorable cinematic experience.

The film screening area in Huet Square will offer viewers a unique atmosphere, combining the historical beauty of the location with the magic of cinema. This experience of outdoor cinema is an opportunity to bring people together, to offer them entertaining moments and of promoting arts and culture in an accessible and captivating manner.

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