Alice Gavril takes over as Managing Partner of Romanian Godmother

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Alice Gavril takes over as Managing Partner of Romanian Godmother, taking over the leadership role of the brand experience agency from Valentin Văcăruș, who will remain involved in Godmother‘s new business initiatives and focus on the development of the group’s companies, as well as the agency’s own projects and tools, some of which are set to be officially launched in the near future.

Valentin Văcăruș, Partner Godmother:

“From the beginning of our collaboration, I found in Alice an excellent partner with a strategic vision, hard work, and dedication that few can match. Together, we have consistently and sustainably grown the Godmother business, something I know she will continue to do with the same passion and professionalism moving forward”

A professional with 19 years of experience in the field of communication, Alice Gavril is a shareholder in the agency and has overseen the Client Service department at Godmother for the past six years. She has been actively involved in both the business and communication strategy throughout this time, making this transition a natural step in the agency’s evolution.

Alice Gavril, Managing Partner Godmother.

“I enthusiastically accepted the role of Managing Partner because I found myself at a point in my career and life where I felt I could make a difference. I had entered a comfort zone, excelling in the communication activities I was involved in, and I felt that I could be a captain, not just a ‘product.’ In my six years of experience with Godmother, I can proudly say that I contributed to solidifying the agency’s reputation as a brand experience agency. We faced the shock of the pandemic’s impact on BTL businesses through rapid adaptation and innovation, and I am eager to continue building upon this foundation and assist the agency in its ongoing growth, innovation, and success for our clients”

Alice Gavril’s new role within Godmother is a multifaceted one, which encompasses not only the operational management of the agency but also the ongoing coordination of the Client Service department, as well as overseeing the business and communication strategy, talent growth, and active involvement in the pitches that Godmother participates in.

Alice Gavril, Managing Partner Godmother.

“This new role offers me the opportunity to bring my vision to life more quickly, to express my creativity in new areas, as I benefit from full support in this collaboration that has evolved to the stage we are at now.

We will continue to invest in three pillars that I consider essential for sustainable growth: amplifying the meaning behind our slogan “brand experience artisans,” talent growth & wellbeing, as well as developing (alongside Valentin) and integrating our innovative products into the portfolio, aimed at bringing efficiency and results to both us and our clients.”

Godmother is an agency defined by excellence in events, which has consistently and sustainably grown over time and is ranked among the top 10 advertising agencies in Romania in terms of revenue in the year 2022.

The constant investment in proprietary resources and tools, as well as the continuous development of the team’s skills through individual and group specialized courses, are some of the key drivers of the agency’s growth in its 25 years of activity in the Romanian market.

The Godmother team currently consists of 35 members, the majority of whom are seasoned professionals responsible for managing the agency’s projects. Our in-house team is highly diverse, with expertise covering a wide range of domains including Strategy, Creative, Client Service, Implementation, Production, and audio-video content.

Godmother is an advertising agency with 25 years of experience, over 1000 implemented events. Since April 2022, Godmother is a member of 27Names, professional network bringing together the top independent event agencies in Europe.