Lindex launched ‘Underwear for life’ concept

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Swedish fashion brand Lindex is taking further steps in its efforts to create inclusive and relatable communication.

The new concept ‘Underwear for life’ puts women at the center, and as part of the concept, Lindex launches a new short film that follows a woman’s life from the early teenage years to menopause and everything in between.

Linda Olsson, Global Marketing Director at Lindex.  

“With our new underwear concept, we want to reflect real life, with all its ups and downs, which the receiver can relate to. Lindex has been there for women for 70 years, and our long heritage in underwear has given us unique knowledge about women’s bodies. Empowering and inspiring women is the foundation of everything we do. We want to show that we are there to meet her needs through the different stages of life”,

The film is directed through SMUGGLER by Fiona Jane Burgess, known for highlighting the female perspective and sparking meaningful debate. 

Fiona Jane Burgess.  

“My ambition with this film was to do something unexpected for a lingerie commercial. I wanted to make a short film that spoke to people in a real and relatable way, with humour and familiarity, but also with sensitivity and meaning. The film tells the story of a teenage girl buying her first bra with her mum, and the everyday significance of this slightly awkward yet momentous moment. That’s really the crux of the film – the way that very ordinary and undramatic moments in life can hold a lot of significance and meaning”,

Credits Lindex:

  • Hanna Löthman Wickelgren – Art Director
  • Linda Nellemo – Creative Copy
  • Martin Cedergren – Creative Director
  • Frida Kifeldt – Project Leader
  • Pia Råde – Business Lead
  • Charlotte Kopp – Stylist
  • Martina Sandström – Production Executive
  • Karl Stigland – Motion Graphic Designer
  • Olivia Segerqvist – Graphic Designer
  • Åsa Westlund – Graphic Designer
  • Jeanette Olsson – Social Media Manager
  • Alicia Rickström – Social Media Content Specialist
  • Susanna Antonini – PR & Influencer Marketing Manager
  • Annelie Fredriksson – Global Media Lead
  • Emelie Franzén – Paid Social Media Specialist
  • Sara Ritzby – Marketing and Customer Analyst
  • Linda Olsson – Director of Global Marketing

Production Company: SMUGGLER

  • Director: Fiona Jane Burgess
  • Managing Director: Fergus Brown

  • Managing Director / Executive Producer: Lucy Kelly

  • Producer: Ellie Fry

  • Production Manager: Ellie Sanders Wright

  • Production Assistant: Kamran Marzban

  • Cinematographer: Andreas Johannessen

  • 1st AD: Joe Carter

  • 2nd AD: Alix Williams

  • Casting: Road Casting
  • Editor: Jo Lewandowska

  • Production Designer: Bon Walsh

  • Wardrobe Stylist: Verity May Lane

  • HMU Stylist: Michele Baylis

Post Production and VFX: Okay Studio

Colour grading studio: TMLS

Sound Design and Mix: King Lear Music & Sound

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