Scholz and Friends continues its way in Romania, together with Lowe

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A very interesting press release for today 🙂 That’s the introduction for it…

“Dear Sir or Madam,

The global strategic alliance between Scholz & Friends and Lowe Worldwide is now set to see Scholz & Friends working with Lowe in Romania, too. Scholz & Friends Bucharest will be established as an independent agency operating within Lowe Group in a separate joint venture company. Pursuing its strategic alliance with Lowe, the Scholz & Friends Group has ended its previous cooperation with GAV balkanski.”

So Gav remains alone, Scholz took its toys and found a new partner.  A surprising move coming after, last year, Gav/Scholz & Friends promoted “Sibiu – European Cultural Capital”, in a contract with MCC worthing  Euro 1.5 million.