Razvan Matasel starts his own agency


Razvan Matasel, that worked for 6 years within Leo Burnett Group Romania, announced he decided to start his own business.

The news was confirmed through a press release from LEo and a post with a good bye letter published by Matasel on his blog:

“(…)But I’ve decided to start on my own and to develop my own business. I don’t know for sure right now what the model will be, but I will think in the next period and arrange all the details. I am sure it won’t be easy … but I feel I must do this…

I like to think about myself that I am “a man of few words” and that I am also a fighter, so that I am not allowed to show emotions 🙂 … But I will miss this place… and I will miss you…You are some wonderful people and I will miss you (…)”.