TradeAds profiled the Romanian internet user

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A Romanian internet user’s profile was the result obtained by after a study made between March 24th and April 1st 2010, with the help of 6,200 respondents.

Demographically, the study showed the Romanian internet users are mainly women (54.26%). When it comes about age, most active on internet are the 19-29 years old persons (35.13%), followed by 30-30 years old group (22.68%) and 40-49 yrs old persons (14.97%). Therefore, one can conclude that the age of 75% of Romanian internet users is between 19 and 49 years old.

Most of the internet users attended college or university, while half (49.76%) are employed, 14.77% are still in school and 10.66% are attending universities.

Majority (43.92%) of Romanian internet users spend 4-6 hours online, 16.66% are surfing 4 to 6 hours while 14.06% stay online more than 6 hours. Romanians spend time online mostly during the night (82.9%), but also in the morning (68.2%). Most of them (79.58) have an internet connection at home, while 14.65% at work.

More than half of the Romanian internet users (53.82%) are watching with good eyes the online advertising quality and content, while only 7.11% say they have a very bad opinion. About banners’ impact, they say that are offering information (42.97%) or help pick products (13.60%), but also bothersome (23.45%) or useless (19.98%).

Online, Romanians are looking for information regarding health (52.46%), entertainment, cooking or astrology (44%), education (42.9%), art, culture, society (40.7%), auto (33.9%), travel (33.2%) and others.

The entire study is available here (in Romanian)