Christian Krauter retires, Affichage Holding is changing its top management

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Christian Krauter, who has been for many years CEO and member of Affichage’s Board of Directors, is retiring starting June 30th, movement that means a change in the top management  team of the company.

As from October 1st, Daniel Hofer will be taking over operational management of the company as CEO, while, from June 1sy, Thomas Rainer will be overseeing the company’s international business operations as Chief of Affichage International.

Untill Hofer will assume the CEO position, Markus Scheidegger, a long-standing Member of the Board of Directors, will ensure operational management of Affichage Holding starting July 1st until October 1st.

“We are confident that this new top management line-up provides our company with the strength necessary to tackle current issues and to once again achieve great success, based on the foundation of our strong domestic market of Switzerland.”, Jean-François Decaux, Chairman elect of the Board of Directors, said.

Christian Kauter, who has been CEO and Member of the Board of Directors of Affichage for many years, is retiring on 30 June 2010. At the beginning of 2009, he announced his willingness to head the Affichage Group following his official retirement in May 2009 so as to give the company sufficient time to find a suitable successor.
Affichage Holding SA is specialized in out-of-home advertising, being the sixth company from this field in the world.

In Romania, Affichage aquired, in April 2008, stocks in Efect Media Srl, Outdoor Media Srl and Communications Media Srl, expanding its outdoor support offer from 3,000 to over 3,900 locations and being number 2 on Romanian market in that period of time.