ARBOsocial: Hi5 user’s profile in Romania, by SATI

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SATI (Romanian ABC’s internet measurement department) realized Romanian user’s profile, in a study that certifies former conclusions and shows new particularities ofHi5 and other social networks.

The users profile shows the general trend to communicate less via e-mail, to look less information with search engines because they reach the information, more and more, via social networking.

Romanian Hi5 users are interested by information related to beauty / cosmetics, fashion / clothes, fitness / personal care, photo /video, music, audio.

Although they aren’t the ones that win the income of their family, Romanian Hi5 users intend to buy products/services related to audio-video devices, photo / digital video devices, second-hand cars, mobile phones, computers, PC parts, sports cloths, mobile communication services, consumption credits.

Romanian Hi5 users have a relatively low consumption of media, both online and offline. Online networking encourages the offline meetings, Romanian Hi5 users going out together, to cinema,events, theatres, concerts etc

SATI’s study officially confirms the immense reach of also in Romania and shows an user that is young, active, open to buying specific products and services

Dan Hutanu

Manager ARBOsocial

ARBOSocial is the special social network communication department of ARBOinteractive, one of the most important online ad housesĀ  in Romania.

ARBOinteractive sells advertising space for over 150 web-sites and is part of Goldbach Media, a company present in 10 european states.