Most entries from Romania to Cannes Lions 2010 – at Press, Outdoor and Media

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Romanian agencies submitted this year 104 entries to Cannes Lions, most of them in categories such as Press (26), Outdoor (20) and Media (20). Next in the Romanian agencies’ preferences were PR (12), Promo (6), Film and Radio (5 each), Cyber (4), Direct (3), Design (2) and Titanium (1).

At this year’s edition of the festival, organizers announced they received more than 24,000 entries from 90 countries, this being the 4th highest level of entries ever. The increase in number of enteries is of 7% versus last year.

Cannes Lions reflects the communications industry, and these results tell a fascinating story

Firstly, of course, they suggest that the industry as a whole is recovering from the distress of 2009 (entries to the Festival were down 20% last year) and indeed they show recovery coming not only from places you would expect like Latin America or India, but also countries like Sweden, Turkey, the UK, France and the USA, all of which have picked up considerably.

The figures also show different categories showing differing levels of growth. While some traditional sections are down year-on-year, there are significant increases in  Media and Cyber as well as in the newer Cannes Lions sections – especially PR and Promo & Activation which have grown by 32% and 43% respectively

Philip Thomas

Festival CEO

The evolution in the number of entries at Cannes Lions, compared to last year, is available in the table below:

Cannes Lions competitions 209 2010 Variation 2010 v 2009
Cyber Lions 2,205 2,603 +18%
Design Lions 1,139 1,297 +14%
Direct Lions 1,364 1,440 +5.5%
Film Lions 3,453 3,191 -7.5%
Media Lions 1,840 2,162 +17.5%
Outdoor Lions 4,498 3,822 -15%
PR Lions 431 571 +32%
Press Lions 5,048 4,821 -4.5%
Promo & Activation Lions 1,118 1,595 +43%
Radio Lions 1,153 1,235 +7%
Titanium and Integrated Lions 403 395 -2%
Film Craft 1,110
Total Entries 22,652 24,242 +7%

The 57th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival will take place from June 20th to June 26th, in Cannes (France).

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