2010 World Cup – viewers and estimates

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A research made by Initiative shows that 2010 FIFA World Cup will achieve record global viewership, with the total audience figure increasing by at least 5% compared to the 2006 edition of the competition.

According to the study, 2010 World Cup could attract a live global average audience of 125 million per match. Also, the 2010 FIFA World Cup final, that will take place on July 11th, might be, according to the estimates, the most- watched final in history.

In 2006, World Cup had an average live audience of 322 million people.

Also, this World Cup is set to have a record number of female viewers. In spite of that, advertisers aren’t paying enough attention to this segment of viewers, most of them broadcasting ads targeted to the male viewers.

Favorite to win the Cup is Brazil team, according to a Mindshare study, while 2nd favourite is Argentina.

A study made by Nielsen also puts Brazil on the 1st place as favorite to win the Cup. Nielsen’s study was made on 27.664 subjects from 55 countries. On the 2nd place, there is a tie between Argentina, England, Germany and United States, while with smaller chances are credited Spain, Italy and France