White Image study: Opening rate for newsletters increased in Romania in 2009

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White Image launched Inside 2010, the 5th edition of the only study in Romania that analysis the way newsletters are read.

Inside 2010 monitored 114.08 million e-mails sent from January till December 2009, covering 11,235 campaigns.

According to statistics based on Inside, the medium opening rate was, in 2009, of 24.78%, the click through rate increased to9.84%, while click through by opened rate went up to 39.72%.

Compared to the last years, the study showed an increasing of the main important e-mail marketing indices.

Compared to 2008, when the lowest opening rate months for newsletters were in the summer (July and August), they registered, in 2009, the most important growth rates, with 40% and, respectively, 36%, registering opening rates of 26% (July) and 25.48% (August).

According to the study:

  • The best click through rates were registered in April (10.45%), July (10.35%) and December (10.31%)
  • The best day to open e-mails is Friday, with a max of 25.90% in October
  • The best interval for opening e-mails was, in 2009, between12.00 to 15.00, compared to 17. 00- 19.00, considered the worst interval to send newsletters
  • Quarterly, the best period was the 3rd quarter in 2009, with opening rates of 25.24% compared to 20.16% in 2008
  • The least e-mails were opened in January (22%) and October (22.76%)
  • The lowest click through rates were also in January (8.54%) and October (8.86%)
  • Thursday was the weakest day to send, from the opening rate point of view – 16.45%
  • In 2009, the most efficient subjects were the ones containing between 2-4 and 5-7 words, with an opening rate of 34%, respectively 27.62%
  • In 2009,  there were sent over 200 campaigns with personalized subject, the opening rate being of 53.61%
  • In terms of types of campaigns, e-cards and targeted campaigns: 48.54%, respectively 42.32%
  • The activity domains with the best opening rates were banking  (47.50%), internal communication (47.24%), fast-food and retail; the weakest opening rate were for consultancy (20.75%), training (20.99%) and publishing (22.27%)

White Image is a Romanian company specialized in customizable e-mail marketing solutions and is handling annually a volume of over 100 million e-mails.

White Image is the only Romanian e-mail marketing company that was awarded, internationally, the Gold Consumer Award at Marketing Sherpa

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