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Romanian Bureau for Circulation Audit (BRAT) offers the possibility to audit the daily circulation for dailies.

In July 2010, the General Assembly of Circulation Audit Department from BRAT decided to approve the new audit rules, that allow highlighting the daily circulation for dailies.

According to the association, starting next audit period, the dailies publishers have the possibility to opt in for the separate highlighting of the daily circulation for their daily newspapers, paying in exchange a distinct fee from the standard one.

This option will be applied for the 1st time starting the audit period July 2010 – March 2011. Meanwhile, the publishers must, in this situation, to maintain a strict evidence of the circulation and of the documentation related to it for each edition of their newspapers.

This modification of BRAT audit rules will allow a more exact evaluation of the daily performances regarding the distributed copies, offering the advertising clients the needed information to make efficient advertising investments decisions.

BRAT (Romanian Bureau for Circulation Audit) is an association of media and advertising industries that had over 230 members: print or online publishers, advertising agencies, advertising clients and press distribution companies. BRAT is offering, since 1998, audited data regarding the circulation of print publications. BRAT is auditing in present a number of around 300 publications.

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