Romanian TV journalist Robert Turcescu quits Realitatea Media

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Romanian TV journalist Robert Turcescu announced, in his 1st post on his blog, that he quits Realitatea Media, as it is the time for him “to open a new chapter”.

“I don’t have illusions and neither do I make plans to start with words as better or worse. But I feel for quite some time that the time came for a new challenge that I will assume beyond the financial or doctrine calculations. I don’t know now, when I write those lines, where I am going to or what the challenges of the immediate future are. We will see that together, through this virtual space where I promise to post periodically my thoughts, memories and experiences”, Turcescu writes, on his blog.

He mentions also that, on 16th of August, he announces publicly on his blog that he leaves Realitatea Media. He also mentions it is hard for him to take separate ways from his collegues from Realitatea FM, where he was a General Manager since October 2008.

According to Mediafax, Robert Turcescu has 17 years of experience in media industry and he worked as a reporter, redactor, commentator in radio and TV but also for print press.

In June, Robert Turcescu declined the offer to assume the interim direction of the Romanian State Television. “I received the offer to be the interim director of Romanian State Television for six months and I declined this offer”, Turcescu said, at that time.