The Romanian brand Aprozar, on the way of being resurrected

Branding, Creativity

What does Aprozar means? Well, in English is the vegetable store where you do your groceries. In Romanian, it is basically the same thing, but with a communist regime note added to it.

While I was a kid, I used to go to the “aprozar”. They didn’t have such a big range of vegetables and fruits there (maybe some basics as potatoes, onion and a few others), but they used to fill the shelves with gems and honey (although that was pretty rare), some fruit juices and jars with conserved fruits.

A Romanian manager came up with the idea of reviving the old brand and decline it in nowadays. According to Ziarul Financiar, Dragos George Stancu, ex-General Manager of the former supermarket PIC from Romanian town of Craiova, is trying to put back on the market the brand, as he already open a 1st store in Militari area from Bucharest.

Giving a reason for his choice, he said he thought about using Aprozar brand because Romanians forgot how to promote the Romanian products, although the consumers increasingly ask for them.

He wants to open 50 stores under Aprozar brand by the end of 2011, initially in Bucharest.