eMarketer: Mobile Gaming Market Tops $800 Million in US in 2010

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eMarketer released a study that shows that mobile gaming US market tops $800 million this year and estimates that ads will represent 12,3% of mobile gaming revenues by 2014.

Casual gaming on the mobile platform has driven adoption of mobile games to more than a quarter of mobile subscribers. Also, more than 20% of the Americans are playing mobile games.

According to the same study, 64 million people will play mobile games at least monthly this year and their number will rise to 94.9 million by 2014.
eMarketer expects revenues from mobile gaming to reach nearly $850 million this year, with the vast majority coming from paid downloads. By 2014, mobile gaming revenues will top $1.5 billion. Over the same period, ad support will nearly double in importance, accounting for 6.5% of revenues in 2010 and 12.3% of the total in 2014.