Social Networks Conference, in Romania on October 7th

Creativity, Digital & Media, Marketing

Evensys will organize, on October 7th, the 1st conference in Romania dedicated to social networks.

Social Networks Conference is an event that has as target the professionals in marketing and communications from different Romanian companies, advertising and interactive companies and to the people interested to find out how they can use social networks to support their own products and services.

Social networks are recognized worldwide for their power to influence public opinion, to influence important decisions, interconnect companies and consumers.

Social Networks Conference is a one-day event that aims to offer marketing strategies and tactics in the most used social media platforms in Romania (Facebook, Hi5, Twitter, Neogen, Yahoo, Netlog,

The target public of the conference consists on Marketing Directors, Brand Managers, Marketing specialists, Planning Directors, Strategy Directors, New Media specialists, independent consultants, advertising professionals, journalists and bloggers, Media Buyers and Media Planners.

The early bird participation fee, available till September 10th, is Euro 75 + VAT, while, after that, the fee will be Euro 95.