One of the biggest Romanian media groups is reviewing its projects

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Realitatea Catavencu, one of the biggest Romanian media groups, is analyzing its properties and tries to take a series of measures to make sure their activity will continue, even in a period of difficult economic times.

Recently, the Romanian press refered to discutions between The Money Channel, Romanian business TV channel part of Realitatea-Catavencu, and foreign investors regarding the possibility of closing a management contract for a number of years. Also recently, after the group was investigated by fiscal authorities, it obtained, in court, the revert of the fiscal authorities decisions.

Also, in the last month, there were a number of articles related to the departure of Dragos Stanca, the head of the new media division, F5 X Media, from Realitatea Catavencu. Stanca offered a comprehensive interview to Romanian, in which he explains the strategy of the group he manages and gives a few clarifications regarding the rumors related to its own departure from the group.

According to Hotnews, that quotes Stanca, the new media division of Realitatea-Catavencu, F5 Webcorp, works together with the well known Romanian online enterpreneur Vlad Stan “to prepare for partial or total sale some projects” of the division. According to Stanca, there are discutions for developing online sales division F5 X-Media with new partners and punctual strategies for the other projects.

Regarding his own plans and possible departure from Realitatea-Catavencu, Stanca already dismissed the rumors in numberous times, including on his own blog, and said he will continue the project (F5) till the end, meaning until it will become either a solid and profitable business (he did that before with Publimedia – now part of Mediafax Group), or a clean company, with no debts towards state, suppliers or employees.

As for future plans, Dragos Stanca also said that he intends to invest, as a person, in consultancy and online development strategy,explaining he will be involved in the execution of the projects he will offer consultancy for. He said he would do that through a company he will launch soon and that will offer also the necesary technical support for big projects.He also added he will continue on marketing and online sales.

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