Dolce, owned by Romtelecom, launched Dolce Sport


Dolce launched Dolce Sport, announcing also the programs and the redaction team.

In the future, Dolce intends to launch other new thematic channels, starting with music and film, aimed to consolidate platform’s position as entertainment provider, as an official of the company stated.

Starting this week, Dolce Sport 1 and 2 are going live broadcasting games from Champions League and presents themselves to the public via sport specialists such as Vlad Enachescu, Emil Gradinescu, Cosmin Baleanu or Bogdan Cosmescu.

In July, Romanian Romtelecom announced the launch, in August, its own sports TV, Dolce Sport, available on both Dolce platforms (DTH şi IPTV) and NextGen.  The TV will broadcast, among others, football games from UEFA Champions League.

At that moment, it was known that Romtelecom Dolce and NextGen were to broadcast live, starting with the 2nd part of August, 112 football games from UEFA Champions League, through Dolce Sport. Romtelecom obtained the exclusive transmission rights  for the matches from the 2nd TV option package. This package includes live games, games summaries and a weekly show to analyze the played games, along with the rights to broadcast the games online, on

Romtelecom is part of the Greek telecommunications group OTE, that owns 54% of Romanian company’s shares.

Dolce TV service has over 900,000 clients in the 3 years passed since launch.