UPDATED: Tuborg launches, in Romania, “We want you on TV” competition

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(adds info about the group that won the competition and the results of the campaign)

“We want you on TV” competition, launched by Tuborg on September 23rd, designated its winner. Grimus, an alternative rock group from Cluj, won with the song Started, with over 9,000 times listened in the 3 weeks of contest.

Between September 23rd and October 13th, the groups and artists that entered the competition received votes from the listeners, the one with the biggest number of votes being selected to be used in a new TV ad for Tuborg.

In only 3 weeks, the campaign reached to over 1M people and the listed songs were listened of over 60,000 times, on the online platform Tuborgsound.ro.

Apart from being used in the new TV ad for Tuborg, Grimus also receives for its song the support to make a video-clip

In September, Tuborg Romania launched the campaign “We want you on TV”, a competition that targets the Romanian artists and runs between September 23rd and October 13th. The stake of the competition is choosing a song that will be used in a future Tuborg ad.

The competition takes place on www.tuborgsound.ro, a platform dedicated to promoting and supporting the Romanian artists. The musical groups that want to enter the competition in order to have their song chosen for a Tuborg ad must enter their song or a part of it on the “Tuborg soundtrack” special section on the site. The song will be chosen taking in consideration the number of votes received from the users.

The music fans and Tuborg fans are invited to vote on the website for their favorite. The competition is also promoted on TV, online and print.

Besides being used in a Tuborg TV ad, the winning song will get support from the brand in order to make a video. On the other hand, the TV spot including the winning song will run on TV from 19th till 30th of October, on the main Romanian TV channels.