Europeans on mobile: Facebook, YouTube, MSN, Twitter

Marketing, Media

Europeans use their mobile devices to get access to mainly Facebook and YouTube, but they also check MSN/Windows Live/Bing and Twitter from these devices, according to a study released by comScore.

According to the same study, people from US also like to check on Facebook from their mobiles, 2nd in their preferences being MySpace, than You Tube and Twitter.

Situation is different in Japan, where the only known international social media brand accessed on mobiles is Twitter, that ranks the 3rd, after Mixi and Gree and before Mobage Town.

This shows that across markets, local and global brands registered a different level of adoption on mobile.

Demographically, the mobile media consumption is more balanced across age segments in Japan than in US or Europe. In US, 25-34 year olds were 44 % more likely to access mobile media than an average mobile user, with 18-24 year olds 39 percent more likely. In Europe, 18-24 year olds represented the most-connected segment, 54 percent more likely to be mobile media users, while persons age 25-34 were 35 percent more likely.

Also, US and Europe show greater gender disparity among mobile media audience. This way, women were 9% less likely to be mobile media users in the U.S., while women in Europe were 16 percent less likely.

Mobile behavior on the 3 markets is also different, from geographical point of view, Japanese people being most connected – more than 75%, followed by Americans in US – 43,7% and Europeans – 38,5%.