Cricova, the most valuable brand in Moldavia

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Cricova is the most valuable brand in Republic of Moldavia,  evaluated at USD 12M, according to “MdBrand-2010-TOP-50 Moldavian Brands” study, realized by MPP Consulting (Ukraine) and Incredocon (Moldavia), according to Moldova Azi.

According to the study, on the 2nd place ranked Bucuria (USD 9M), followed by Chişinău beer, Aroma, Buket Moldavii, VictoriaBank, Moldcell, Purcari, Bostavan amd Green Hills.

In the top were included only brands that were created in Moldavia or that designate Moldavian merchandise or services, no matter how known are them on the national or international level.

According to the top, 25 brands from Moldavia have a value higher that USD 1M, and most brands – 16 – are alcoholic drinks.

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