Seed Consultants rebranded Scandia Food

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The branding and design company Seed Consultants, representing Landor Associates in Romania, realized the rebranding and changed the visual identity for Scandia, reflecting the new developing direction of the company.

The new slogan of Scandia Food is “Viata plina de savoare!” (Life full of savour), The visual identity Scandia Food keeps the link with the previous logo by using the same script letters, as a reminder for the tradition of the company, and the red color, but more fresh and intense.

The branding process was a complex one, as the brand has a 90 years tradition and is very loved and respected in Sibiu’s community. The branding process lasted 8 months and included numberous steps such as internal and external audit, positioning workshops, creating the brand platform, remaking the verbal and visual identity, brand manual creation etc.

The project team from Seed Consultants & Landor included Dochita Zenoveiov – Managing Director, Emma Beckmann – Corporate Consultant, Roxana Iancu – Senior Brand Consultant, Vladimir Martinus – Project Manager and Catalina Vulpe – Project Executive, Raluca Beldiman – Brand Designer, Marina Beldiman – Brand Designer and Tony Lyons – Associate Design Director. From Scandia Food, the team that worked on the rebranding included Robert Redeleanu – CEO Scandia Food, Andreea Teodorescu – Marketing Manager, Alexandra Bucur – Brand Manager, Andreea Ursulescu – PR & Communication, and Alexandra Olaru – Consultant Corporate Affairs.

Seed Consultants has in its portfolio clients such as Radio ZU, Petrom City, Angst, INTACT Media Group, Ruukki Romania, Gazeta Sporturilor, VIP Air, GSP TV, Tempora, Galador, Financiarul, Agrofam, Final Distribution and Scandia Food.

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