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Digital & Media, Marketing, Media is a Twitter application that allows users to organize the links they receive on their feeds in mini-newspapers where they can read them more easily. takes the form of a daily newspaper and the user is the editor of its own newspaper. The twitter-paper is available, for the moment, in English, German and French.

The newspaper can be created in just a few clicks, is based on the links the Twitter user is receiving from the people he follows and aggregates info from recommended sites and links, including multimedia content, classifying the info on thematic sections to facilitate the reading.

The daily newspapers can be created on tags, keywords and lists and can be accessed also by people that don’t use Twitter.

The service was launched in July in US and UK and generated huge numbers of users and important media coverahe. Over 90,000 of newspapers were created just in the 1st few weeks . is a service. is a Switzerland startup from Lausanne, co-founded by Edouard Lambelet and Iskander Pols. singled out as one of the 5 most of the most innovative uses of a social API. The API was nominated also because it sets some order in the information overload in the social web.