A feminine blogs network, launched by Hotcity.ro and Standout

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Standout, the 1st Romanian agency that specialized in advertising on blogs and social media, and the women culture website Hotcity.ro launched the 1st women blogs network in Romania, “Hotcity Network by Standout”, that includes some of the most visited and influential blogs in the category.

Including a total of 30 blogs, the network includes both the most read women personal blogs, but also thematic blogs about fashion, shopping, lifestyle and free time.

The feminine blogosphere represents the image of the active woman, as she is perceived today by the feminine public. A strong community, with clear opinions, a community that refuses the cliches, involves in social causes and it is ready to share with the others the experiences lived in contact with products, services and companies. A community with a valuable feedback – through sincerity and the desire to share with the others the own perceptions – for all the companies that are targeting women. We hope that Hotcity Network by Standout will be a link between women bloggers and the companies that try to communicate with women. We hope it will be a link that will generate profit for both parties

Dana Lazar

Project Manager Hotcity.ro

The advertisers and agencies can access now the audience of the feminine blogs in the network, that vary from a few thousand unique visitors a day for the most visited ones to couple hundreds unique visitors a day for the smaller blogs”.

We are running campaigns on most of these blogs for more than a year, especially special projects, and we wanted to create, through this network, a standard package to facilitate the access of the advertisers to these blogs (to also run other types of campaigns)

Ionut Oprea

Manager Standout

Hotcity.ro is an online magazine dedicated to women, that focuses on social involvement and promotes an active cultural life.

Standout is an advertising agency specialized in promotions and campaigns on blogs and other social media channels. The agency was founded in 2007, as Blog Agency, and nowadays it administrates a network of more than 100 Romanian blogs.

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