About online projects in Romania, via Web Start-Up Survey

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Most online projects in Romania were initiated by men (82%) that have higher education (48%) and a master degree (25%), according to Web Start-up Survey, a study realized before Netcamp, an event organized by Evensys and dedicated to the ones interested in developing online businesses.

According to the survey, realized online on a sample of 120 people, the online projects are mainly developed by men (82%), while women are less present when it comes about running online businesses (18%).

The survey showed online is a medium that presents business opportunities to people with higher education, as almost half (48%) of the respondents finished a university and a quarter (25%) have a master degree.

The biggest number of people who run online projects is in the 18-25 y.o. segment (37%), followed by people aged 26-30 y.o.(27%) and 31-35 y.o. (26%).

According to the survey, most of the respondents use a PC (88%). When it is about mobile, the most used are iPhones (28%), followed by phones running on Symbian (22%) and Android (22%).

Out of the people who took the survey, a third (32%) have 4 or more projects online, 26% have only 2 and 24% just one. Although they have online projects, 65% of the interviewed people have also other income sources, while only 32% make money from their online businesses.

In terms of targeted public, the projects are mainly local (49%), while some are addressed to both local and international public (32%) and 14% are dedicated exclusively to local market.

Almost half (47%) of the people who started an online project say that they did it because they seized an opportunity for something special, 18% followed their dream and 15% just wanted to make money and be financially independent.

In online projects they run, a third of respondents (35%) said they work alone, 34% work together with one more person and 19% have a three people team.

The survey also established that most respondents run their online projects for over 2 years (31%) and invested in them either personal money (50%) or no money, but time, knowledge in the field and free resources (34%).

Although 59% of the respondents said that their projects are already generating revenues, the same number said that they aren’t profitable for the moment.

The main revenues sources for the online projects in Romania are advertising (42%), services sales (31%), effective product sales (25%), other activities (24%) and subscriptions (12%).

The economical crises affected a little a third of the people who run online projects (36%), while 29% said they didn’t feel a strong influence of crisis, 18% consider it was an opportunity and 17% say they felt strongly the crisis.

Regarding next year, more than a third (38%) of Romanian online entrepreneurs are very optimistic, 29% think it will be better.

The study was realized before the 4th edition of NetCamp, an Evensys event that will take place from 6 to 8 December and that is the most known event in Romania for the online entrepreneurship and web project development.

2010 edition of NetCamp will include conferences and other activities, but also a series of special events, among which Launch48.