Euro 1M business for Romanian Zitec in 2010

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Romanian online apps company Zitec finishes 2010 with Euro 1M business turnover, an increase of 12% compared to last year.

The increase of the business is based on the increase of business personalized software, especially for international clients.

“An important impulse came from our consultancy and audit activities for software products developed by other companies. Many companies started to ask a second opinion over the apps they acquire to be sure of their quality and security. Also, we had much more project on cloud-computing based technologies, both in software development and consultancy” , Alexandru Lapusan, CEO Zitec, said.

The company finishes 2010 with business worthing Euro 1m, up from Euro 900,000 in 2009. Most of the money company made this year were generated by international contract, while only 20% came from local projects.

This year, Zitec launched a Facebook app, HotelPeeps, and an Android one, Sharoid.