A new blog advertising agency, launched on Romanian market

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The Romanian entrepreneur Andrei Rosca, that launched a few years ago the bookblog.ro project, announced, today, the launch of Spada, a new agency that will arrange advertising on blogs.

According to a post on his blog, the new agency bases on the fact that Andrei and his team understand blogs and social media.

We sold sites for Euro 200, audio systems custom made, traditional advertising and, in the last 5 years, advertising campaigns on blogs. the only ones we trusted in since the start until no are the campaigns on blogs

I think they can be done better, more efficient and more profitable for the client and the blogger than they are nowadays

Andrei Rosca

At the launch, Spada (n.r – Sword) starts as an agency specialized in campaigns on blogs and social media and has over 5 years experience in sales and execution of blog campaigns. The agency starts its adventure with a team of 7 people and over 70 blogs in its portfolio.

Spada is the direct competitor on the Romanian market for Standout, an agency founded by Ionut Oprea and that was, until recently, the only one specialized in social media advertising in Romania.