Search engines bring over 56% visits on’s monitored sites

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Search engines are generating over 56% of the traffic on the websites monitored by Romanian The second visits source is direct traffic (28%) and web references (11%), according to’s statistics for December 2010. Also, some traffic is also generated by image searches (3%), e-mails (2%) or other sources (1%).

The traffic sources are shown in the below graphics:

With much less influence than search engines, social media generated, in 2010, a significant traffic for the websites monitored by, as shown in the below image:

According to’s statistics, Facebook redirected, in 2010, the biggest chunk of traffic out of all social networks. This can also be seen from the fact that, during 2010, the number of people that accessed sites monitored by via Facebook highly increased, reaching to a peak level from August to December.

This way, starting August, Facebook redirected monthly towards websites monitored by over 1M visits.

Out of the Romanian networks, the biggest number of visitors reached on’s sites from, at least from January to October, when the platform generated between 75,000 –  314,999 visits for’s sites. is also one of the networks that brought traffic on pages monitored by, especially in the 2nd half of the year, when the number of visits surpassed 100,000.

Also generated traffic, but less significant than others.

When it comes about Twitter, it sent on’s sites a number of visitors that maintained between 63,000 visits and 105,000 visits.

Another traffic generators for’s monitored websites were,,,,,, and

Social media generated the biggest number of visits on’s sites when it was about news and information website (3.28m visits), music (3.18M) or e-commerce  (2.89M), blogs (1.45 milioane), women websites  (1.17) or entertainment (1.01).