Romanian Radio & TV, on Facebook

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Romanian radio and TV stations are present on Facebook, trying to reach their audience through social media, as data published by shows.

When it is about TV stations, the most popular TV station in Romania on Facebook is Discovery Romania, with 99,761 friends, followed by uTV (36,564 friends) and Pro TV (22.828 friends).

The top 10 Romanian TVs with presence on Facebook s completed by (21,697 friends), Antena 1 (14,961), Music Channel (14,387), MTV Romania (13,136), HBO Romania (12,457), National Geographic Channel (8,984) and Pro TV International (8,044).

Cronica Carcotasilor is, on the other hand, the most popular Romanian TV show on Facebook, with a page that has 153,239 friends. The second placeĀ  occupied by Mondenii Show, broadcasted by Prima TV, the same TV station as Cronica Carcotasilor, with 20,944 friends. The 3rd position is occupied by “Iubire si onoare” (Love and Honor).

The top 10 TV shows with presence on Facebook is completed by “Romania , Te Iubesc!” (Pro TV), “In Gura presei cu Mircea Badea”, Neatza cu Razvan si Dani” – both to Antena TV stations, UTV Alarm Clock, In puii Mei – Antea 1, Rai da buni and Mostenirea.

On the radio site, the most popular Romanian radio station is Radio Zu (191,278 friends), followed by Kiss FM (162,500) and Vibe FM (102,935). The top is completed by Radio 21, One FM, Rock FM, Pro FM Romania, Magic FM and Radio Europa FM.

In the most popular radio shows top, Kiss FM, Radio Zu and Po FM are present each with 2 shows. The most popular radio show on Facebook is Partydul KissFM, followed by French Kiss@KissFM and We can do the ZU.