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  • Mattel launches online Valentine’s campaign to reunite Barbie and Ken, after their break-up seven years ago, Brand Republic informs. The toy dolls were separated on Valentine’s Day 2004 after more than 43 years together.
  • The craziness about Super Bowl ads is just starting
  • Disposable e-mails or e-mails to throw away, from Hotmail
  • For the 1st time in the Oscars’ 83-year history, the awards have a tag-line, the catchphrase “You’re Invited,” that will be featured in all aspects of marketing for this year’s Awards, according to AdAge
  • VW racks up 4.5m views of its Darth Vader ad ahead of Super Bowl. The spot is for new 2012 Passat and has as a main star a kid trying to use the force to move various objects around the house, according to The Wall.