Petrom continues Rediscover Romania campaign in 2011

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Petrom continues Rediscover Romania campaign also in 2011, after the 1st edition of it was designated the best social media campaign at Internetics 201.

Petrom decided to continue the campaign Rediscover Romania, as the company is trying, in its campaign, to promote the real Romanian values.

Last year, with Romanian bloggers help, realized a map with over 800 places recommended to visit in Romania. For 3 month, 4 teams traveled over 6,000 km, visited over 70 cities and over 100 points of interest.

The 2010 campaign was a success and won quite a few prizes for online communication.

2011 campaign wants to involve more Romanians, find out more authentic Romanian traditions and to bring in the spot light places and images less known of Romania, with 5 trips to whcih over 100 bloggers will be involved.

Petrom’s intiative is joined by Dacia, BCR and Romtelecom, but also by Paralela 45, National Museum of Romanian Peasant, bloggers.